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Adelaide and Barossa Valley   Wein  Wein

on traces of German immigrants




Adelaide at the Torrens River, is the fifth-largest city of Australia and capital of South Australia. Today it enjoys the call of an international culture metropolis. You can find nearly nothing more of the calm, conservative and very traditional city of the founder years. Adelaide is today a modern, young and alive city with more than 1 million inhabitants.


  Adelaide  Adelaide  Adelaide


By strolling trough the city inspired us the beautiful parks and partially dared architecture beside old fronts and venerable churches very much.


Adelaide  Adelaide  Adelaide

The Festival centre Complex belongs to the townscape, like the opera to Sydney . As forum for spontaneous culture events is the Festival Plaza , arranged with multicoloured stones, the right place.

  Adelaide, Festival Center Complex  Adelaide, Festival Center Complex


A day trip far away from Adelaide there are further ethnic Germans settlements.To the most well-known areas of cultivation of wine in Australia belongs the Barossa Valley . You can find here also German place names and designations and German cemeteries where you can look for your emigrated ancestors.

But for us it was more interesting to visit some of the 50 wineries.

The exquisite wines from the wineries like Lehmann, Penfolds or Seppelt you can get for reasonable prices. Really a small paradise for wine lovers. To enjoy both, the marvellous landscape and the good wines we think it is necessary to overnight here. We did it and enjoy it very much.

 Barossa Valley, german cemetery     Barossa Valley  Wein

In Hahndorf, you can walk at the traces of the first German settlers. All reminds here on good old Germany , the butcher, with “Mettwurst”, the bakery with “ Blackwood Forest cake and Brezels” and last but not least the Hofbraeuhaus with its famous beer.

For many asian tourists and Aussis is this village an absolute Must Seeing and the very typical German village. For us it was more like an open air museum and has nothing to do with the real live in Germany .

Hahndorf  Hahndorf, german sausages

On our travel back from the Barossa Valley to Adelaide we made a stop at the Maslin Beach,  one of the beautiful city beaches of Adelaide, which you can reach in a 1 hour drive from the city centre. But for an Aussi is this a very small distance!


Maslin Beach,



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more photos from Adelaide and Barossa Valley - click here !





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