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We reached Cairns, at the northeast coast of Australia, 2-½ hour’s flight time far from the Ayers Rock. The sleepy town has tropical vegetation. Here, “the clocks go really somewhat differently”, everybody works calmly and act slowly. No hectic, no stress, it is a very quiet town. Everything reminded us a little bit of a pensioners domicile, small bungalows in large gardens, great, deserted streets, except the usual large shopping malls, not very busy. We lived in a fantastically beautiful Apartment at the Trinity Beach.


Coral Sands  Coral Sands, apartment

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Unfortunately we could not swim in the sea at the season, because Jellyfish danger! Everywhere was the warnings. It was very hot and it was very strong not to jump into the water. There was nothing to do and so we went a long time for a walk on the beach to Palm Cove. Here everywhere warnings, too "Crocodile Area" and we had to accept some detours, because the Creeks flowing into the sea was partly the district of the Crocodiles, and we could not simply go through. A very unforgettable exciting short trip for us.

Trinity Beach  flower

Cairns is also a starting point for the excursion to the Great Barrier Reef. We put to sea with the "Seahorse", a two-masted sailing boat by 5 Beaufort wind forces and strong waves, to our adventure. The sailing time was 2 hours and we had to fight against seasickness. But we were compensated for it. A small sandy island became our snorkelling paradise.


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Great Barrier Reef  Break


Already in the low water we caught see all the beauty of the reef, from multicoloured corals to clown fishes and Ray.

  Great Barrier Reef  Great Barrier Reef

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Unfortunately the sea was very rough and the view under water not very clear. In spite of it, it was fascinating for us. On the trip return we had a problem with the engine and John, our Skipper, set the sails and we slid loud less over the sea, a fantastically crazy feeling. The whole day was an unforgettable adventure.

Another Highlight was the trip to Kuranda by rail. The train past rock ravines, waterfalls and climbed about high bridges up to Kuranda.

Train to Kuranda  rain forest

Kuranda is a very touristic place with many souvenir shops and art galleries, restaurants and cafes. We did not like the place, but the way to Kuranda is great. The way up we went by the Skyrail, ahead the treetops of the rain forest. At the stopovers, you can be explained by Rangers the individual trees and ecological systems of the rain forest while walking along the forest paths.

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