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We visited India by a guided North India Tour in 1994. Since this time it was our dream to travel again through India individually. But this dream took many years and finally in 2012 it became true, we traveled almost 4 weeks alone through northern India.
Places we had visited in 1994, such as Agra and Jaipur, we didn’t visit again, except Varanasi, because this strange, ancient, holy city on the river Ganges fascinated us so much. Our other destinations were the cities in the desert state of Rajasthan and to relax we were once again in Goa.
We were nosey how it would be there after so many years ago and what has changed. But it was not much. There are still all around misery and poverty and the holy cows. The sewage, waste and transport problem is still unsolved and much worse than then. But the modern age is arrived anyway, because almost every Indian has a mobile phone and use it always and everywhere.
India is still a country of extremes, but after the initial shock was over, it began for us the fascination of “Incredible India".

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Agra 1994
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Aurangabad 1994
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holy city at Ganges
Bombay 1994
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