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  Koh Chang 


Koh Chang is beside Phuket the second largest island of Thailand and is in the southeast of the gulf of Siam, in the border area to Cambodia. You can come there in 50 flight minutes from Bangkok to Trat, and then by ferry boat in ˝ hour.

Koh Chang is called the elephant island, but you can see the elephants only in Camps.
We changed the name Koh Chang in “Koh Dog”, because of the many free strolling dogs, but there were no problem with them.


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After our journey by the Isaan (northeast Thailand) we looked forward to this island with its sandy beaches, palm trees and the crystal clear water, conquered not yet completely by the tourism.



Klong Phrao Beach - Click for large image ! White Sands Beach - Click for large image ! Klong Phrao Beach - Click for large image !

As everywhere in Thailand there are also here magnificent Wats. During a visit of one of the Wats, near by the Klong Prao Beach we had luck and saw many young monks, just having lunch. Without problems we were allowed to photograph them.

am Klong Phrao Beach - Click for large image ! Monks am Klong Phrao Beach - Click for large image !

We rented a Motorbike and drove off the whole island. The roads are well, but very steep and with sharp turns. It is a paradise landscape here, closely jungle, waterfalls, rubber tree plantations, coconut-palms, and pineapple fields.


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The more interesting places you can find in the southern part of the island with the fishing villages. The adventurous buildings of stakes and the busy life on the wobbly narrow bars fascinated us very much. There are many good fish restaurants and here is also the start for the snorkel and diving tours by boat.

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Everything here goes a little more slowly. It is like Koh Samui 10-15 years ago.

Beside few Luxuryresorts there are still many simple huts and normal middle class resorts. Everyone can find the right accommodation. But you should come here fast, because they built many new hotels and bungalows along the beaches, manly at the White Sand Beach.

For us Koh Chang is really a tropical dream.


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